Welcome Voyage Member!

Watch the Details Below on the 1 Year Program
Those in the 90 Day Program get all benefits described
for October, November & December

Step 1 - If you haven't joined the program yet

Step 2 - Decide on which day(s) and time(s)
you will attend Office Hours
Tuesday / Thursday
7:30-8:00am Central or 7:30-8:00pm Central
8:30-9:00am Eastern or 8:30-9:00pm Eastern

Step 3 - Plan to attend your 3rd Week Group Check-in
on 3rd Monday of month at
7:30-8:00am Central / 8:30-9:00am Eastern
Schedule a 1:1 quick check-in to review your progress

Step 4 - Make sure you have access
to the Champions Voyage Hub